Thursday, 25 May 2017
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3 Siri alternatives for your android smartphone

Do you feel jealous looking at iPhone user’s personal assistant SIRI? don’t be. You (android phone users) can also have your personal assistant who will answer all of your questions. I will be listing down 3 best alternatives of SIRI which android phone users can download free of cost.

Having a personal assistant will help you with several tasks like if you want to send message to any contact, just tell her to do it, tell her to make call to the contact from phonebook she will do it.

Ask her whats the today’s temperature, where does dollar stands against pound or Australian dollar, will it rain or not, what you have in dinner tonight, she will answer all the queries.

Below are the 3 best alternatives of SIRI for android users:

Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit AssistantThis is the best SIRI alternative with huge no. of downloads at Google play. Speaktoit Assistant will follow the commands and orders that you give her to perform various tasks.

She will dial a no. from the phone book, launch an application, remind you of important events and tasks, send emails and will answer random questions like weather condition, temperature etc.

The biggest advantage of Speaktoit assistant is that, it uses natural language technology to understand the order and answer quickly. Speaktoit assistant is available in Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese and English.

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iris SIRI AlternativeThe next we have in the list – iris. iris again is a great alternative to Siri which follows all the commands like playing music, video, call contact, send message, search information online, find news, set alarm etc. iris is not just a SIRI clone, it has been modified beyond it.

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Jeannie SIRI AlternativeThe another great alternative to SIRI is Jeannie. It is developed in such a way that you need not to memorise words to make Jeannie understand the task you want her to do. She understand your natural language and act accordingly.

It will simplify your day to day life as you can ask her to call “james” from your phone book, tell your horoscope, remind you to pickup “james” tomorrow morning. She will do all the jobs pretty nicely and you need not to pay for her assistant, what an amazing deal !

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