Thursday, 25 May 2017
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Asphalt Moto 2 free download for android smartphone

Asphalt Moto 2 android game app is the successor of the first version Asphalt Moto. This is an ultimate motorbike racing game for those who are crazy for speed and motorbikes. This was developed by ICloudZone in 2013 getting too much critical acclaim for the 3D graphics and sound.

The viewers have simply loved this game for its striking visual effects and the color scheme used. There are 10 levels in total and after a certain level, a new motorbike with more life, control and speed is available to unlock for a certain amount gained by racing and collecting coins in the initial levels. Also see Subway Surfer for PC

Asphalt moto 2 game app

At level 5 and further, the main attractions are the captivating, irresistible girls beside the motorbikes. This is also a reason that increases the desire to keep leveling up to unlock those motorbikes.

Asphalt Moto 2 is very easy to play except utmost concentration is required to move right and left since the Non-Playable Characters create a lot of difficulty to pass by them.

These are just normal cars on the road trying to be the greatest hurdle by creating traffic. This android game app is also based on endless running. Once the motorbike hits the sideways or any other vehicle, the game ends there itself.

All you have to do is simply tilt your device in the desired direction (either left or right) to move your motorbike. To speed up, just simply tap and hold anywhere on the screen of your device.

Asphalt Moto 2 has been rated 4 out of 5 by its viewers which depicts the quality of the game which is highly electrifying, especially the sound effects.

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