Thursday, 25 May 2017
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Fruit Ninja Game App for your android smartphone

Slicing fruits has never been so interesting, fun and engaging as it has been in Fruit Ninja Game app.  This game is a very flashy and splashy way of slitting away fruits.

In The Fruit Ninja game, a player is required to slice away the fruits such as bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges, etc which are thrown on over the screen with a blade by swiping on the screen or mouse depending on the device used.

Fruit Ninja Game app

Fruits are to be sliced before they touch the bottom otherwise they are missed. Some bombs also appear randomly along with the fruits. If the player happens to slice these bombs or misses slicing 3 fruits, he loses that particular stage.

In the contrary if no fruit is missed and 100 points or multiples of 100 is obtained then the player receives a new life.

Points are earned for each fruit sliced and in case of slicing special power up fruits like a pomegranate or combinations of fruits extra points are earned. Extra points are earned by slicing power up fruits multiple times.

This game offers the player selection of three modes namely Classic, Arcade and Zen. The Zen mode and Arcade mode are both time bound. In Zen mode, the bombs are disabled thus making it easier for the player to score more points

The difficulty level keeps increasing as the stages are cleared. New blades and bonus fruits can be unlocked going further.

Features in this game differ from device to device.

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