Thursday, 25 May 2017
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Get Draw Something 2 android game app for free

Draw Something 2 android app is an advanced version of the original app Draw Something with added features. Although the base and fun of the game remains the same, the extended version has a feature by which the player can Like and Comment on any drawing of their opponents and can also follow any of their favorite Artists or friends.

Draw Something 2 introduces new exciting tools for drawing, new patterns and layouts. These patterns, textures, colours, shades and effects can be downloaded.

Draw something 2

Some of these are free whereas some can be purchased from the game shop. This version also offers its players with different types of drawing tools like Pattern Pencil, Highlighter, Pixel Pencil, Watercolor Brush, Sparkle Pen, Crayon, Spray Paint and stamp.

It has a feature of maintaining a gallery too. In this you can save your drawings and you can check out galleries of your favorite artists as well. With addition of numerous words to this version, the player has a wide scope of options to choose from.

The players can select from the words or phrases given and then draw a pictorial representation of that word or phrase chose. The other player has to guess the name or phrase from the picture while watch it being drawn.

The player can even make the use of the Hint option to solve the game. Once the player has cracked the game by the apt guess then he gets a chance to draw for the other to take a guess. Draw Something 2 comes with more competitive moves.CN3FH5FS873W

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