Nexus 8 release date may fall in somewhere mid 2014

We may see Google’s Nexus 8 coming in the market mid 2014 according to the rumours spreading on various tech blogs however the exact month is not yet confirmed. If we look at the Google’s Nexus 7 release date and predict Nexus 8 release date based on it, we can arrive to the conclusion that Nexus 8 may release someday during July month. The Nexus 7 was released in July last year and we are expecting that Google will follow the same trend and Nexus 8 may be seen during same month this year.

Nexus 8Google were expecting Nexus 7 will do well but the tablet didn’t met the expectations and the sales figure weren’t in according with what Google had planned. There are many reasons why people didn’t appreciate Nexus 7 much and the availability of several other 7 inches tablets at pretty good price is one of the primary reason for non impressive sales figures. This time Google decided to come up with 8 inch screen that will run the latest version of Android OS, ie, Kitkat and may include Intel’s Bay Trail Processor. Google may also consider Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor for its new high end device.

The 8 inch tablet from Search Giant is a good news for those who were hesitating to buy Nexus 7 just because of small size and were going for iPad mini. Google’s decision of releasing 8 inch tablet may affect Apple’s iPad mini’s sales figure as the screen size of both of them will be almost same. I don’t see any news that gives hint as to what will be the price of this fabulous tablet but based on the price that Nexus 7 is being sold for, it can be predicted that, Nexus 8 may be sold for any price between $350 to $400.

This could be the best tablet in this price range and the products of the companies like Apple are very costly and they serve the same purpose as this tablet does.

Stay tuned for more updates.