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WhatsApp APK 2018: Download latest Version for FREE

WhatsApp APK 2018: Download latest Version for FREE

Well no doubt that Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging app in the world. With so many exciting features and friendly users interface, it is being used by almost every smartphone users across different countries.

Let it be a businessman, business women, stay at home home or guys who go college, WhatsApp solve everybody’s purpose. The fact that it is a most  popular and useful android app is having many reasons.


Started by two people who spent about 20 years combined working at Yahoo Inc., this instant messaging app became famous just in few months of its launch.

With more than several hundred million downloads till now, WhatsApp tops the chart of instant messaging app across the globe. The major features of this beautiful app are as:

WhatsApp App Features:

  • Send unlimited free SMS to your friends/relatives/colleagues once they install it on their android smartphone. WhatsApp uses your data plan or Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages.
  • It automatically finds people from your contact list who already have WhatsApp installed and then you can add them.
  • Send audio, video or image messages to your friend free of cost.
  • Group chat with your friend who have WhatsApp installed to their android smartphone.
  • There is no international call charges if your friend is living in other country and using the same app. You can send him/her unlimited message without incurring any charges (it uses your data plan or Wi-Fi connection).
  • Share wallpapers, custom notification sound and many other great feature.

The list of features is pretty long and its not possible to mention all of them here. So in case you haven’t tried it yet and in a mood to install it now, follow the link which I have mentioned at the end of this article.

If you aren’t android phone user and spend substantial money in sending messages, stop here and buy an andorid smartphone, install this App and make unlimited audio, video call or send unlimited voice, text messages to your friend living locally or in any other country without having minutes utilised.

Download WhatsApp APK 2018

Download WhatsApp APK 2018 for Free: Click Here

How to Get WhatsApp for PC:

While some people loves to download WhatsApp on mobile devices, whether its Android, iOS or Windows, some other loves to use WhatsApp on big screen devices such as laptop. There are two different methods to get WhatsApp on Laptop:

  1. Use WhatsApp Web.
  2. Download WhatsApp desktop client for Laptop or Desktop computer.

Earlier the company hadn’t launched desktop version and whosoever wanted to use WhatsApp on laptop, there was only way to do that with the help of Android emulator. But sometime ago, the company announced the desktop version and it can be downloaded from their official website itself.

The company keep on updating the app with latest features, hence who downloads WhatsApp APK 2018 is advise to checkout their official website often to get the latest version. The latest feature always have some new features and bug fixes.